From Monday to Friday, February 18th through 22nd, roughly 20 bright minds from inside the Bitcoin SV community gathered together in London for a Wallet Workshop. This Bitcoin Association event was hosted by nChain, the global leader in advisory, research, and development of blockchain technologies and the purpose was to facilitate a brainstorm on how to improve BSV wallet offerings.

从2月18日到22日,星期一到星期五,大约20位来自比特币 SV 社区的聪明人聚集在伦敦参加一个钱包工作坊。 这次比特币协会活动由 nChain 主办,该公司是区块链技术咨询、研究和开发领域的全球领导者,其目的是促进关于如何改进 BSV 钱包产品的头脑风暴。

“What we have here with nChain and the companies that are involved with nChain like MoneyButton and HandCash, there’s a lot of valuable insight that the people here have and its really important to share that. We all are specialists in our own way and sometimes its very easy to get tunnel vision, if you focus on your own thing”, shared Lorien Gamaroff of Centbee.

“我们和 nChain 以及像 MoneyButton 和 HandCash 这样与 nChain 有关的公司有很多有价值的见解,这里的人们有很多,分享这些见解真的很重要。 我们都是各自领域的专家,如果你只关注自己的事情,有时候很容易陷入狭隘的视野。”Centbee 的 Lorien Gamaroff 分享道。

“What we’ve been able to do here is share ideas, share experiences, things that we’ve learned, mistakes we’ve made and being able to benefit from all the valuable insight”, Gamaroff added.


Alongside Gamaroff were other BSV and blockchain professionals such as Dr. Craig Wright and Steve Shadders of nChain, Ryan X. Charles of MoneyButton, Richard Taylor of Electrum SV, Alex Agut of HandCash, Ina Samovich of CopPay and more.

除了加马罗夫,还有其他 BSV 和区块链专业人士,如 nChain 的克雷格 · 赖特博士和史蒂夫 · 沙德斯,MoneyButton 的瑞安 · x · 查尔斯,Electrum SV 的理查德 · 泰勒,HandCash 的亚历克斯 · 阿古特,copay 的伊娜 · 萨莫维奇等等。

“We have a lot in common with many of the other projects in this space, so basically there’s a big overlap with everything that each different wallet in particular needs to do where we can work together on things. We have actually way more we can collaborate on than to compete about. So why don’t we work together on these particular things”, Charles shared.

“我们和这个领域的许多其他项目有很多共同点,所以基本上每个不同的钱包都有很大的重叠,这样我们就可以一起工作。 我们实际上有更多的合作而不是竞争。 那么,为什么我们不在这些特殊的事情上合作呢?”。

“Every standard related to how the wallets interoperate with each other, how do you send transactions from one wallet to another, just figuring out all these standards, solving the problems and writing it up and making it so that we can become more productive this year”, he added.


The workshop consists of presentations, team building activities, breakout sessions, lunches, dinners and plenty of networking, all with a specific intent of working together on the biggest issues faced today in BSV wallet development.

研讨会包括演讲、团队建设活动、分组会议、午餐、晚宴和大量的人际关系网,所有这些都有一个明确的目的,那就是共同努力解决当今在 BSV 钱包开发中面临的最大问题。

“We’re going through payment protocols, payment channels, all of the tools that are available in the Bitcoin SV space- SDKs, APIs, things that developers are using- so we can identify what’s missing, what we’re doing already, what we’re doing well, what we’re maybe not doing so well. At the end of it we would like to have a clearer picture of what’s missing so that we can then nominate someone to go out and build it and give the Bitcoin SV ecosystem a more complete tool set”, explained Shadders.

“我们正在检查支付协议、支付渠道,以及比特币 SV 空间中可用的所有工具—— sdk、 api,以及开发者正在使用的东西——这样我们就可以确定哪些东西缺失了,哪些东西我们已经在做,哪些东西我们做得很好,哪些东西我们可能做得不够好。 最后,我们希望能够更清楚地了解缺失了什么,这样我们就可以指定一个人去构建它,给比特币 SV 生态系统提供一个更完整的工具集。

Participants of the workshop were buzzing with ideas, positive energy, direction and a sense of comradery, all grateful for the opportunity to spend time with peers from all corners of the world. 


“Its international, its really companies that work across the world, so people from South Africa, from South America, from Europe, from North America and this is important, to understand what difficulties people have around the globe”, Samovich shared.

Samovich 分享道:”它的国际化,它真正的公司在世界各地开展业务,所以来自南非、南美、欧洲、北美的人们,理解世界各地的人们遇到了什么困难,这一点很重要。”。

“Every two or three months would be really helpful for the whole ecosystem. In just three days we’ve had terrific advancements because we are all on the same page and we are not arguing with our egos, we just want the best for our users and ultimately to make BSV “Super B”, Agut said.

“每隔两三个月,对整个生态系统都会非常有帮助。 阿古特说,仅仅三天时间,我们就取得了巨大的进步,因为我们都在同一个页面上,我们没有与自我争论,我们只是希望为我们的用户提供最好的服务,并最终使 BSV 成为”超级 B”。